Computer Recycling

Recycling - Green IT Disposal

Computer Recycling & E-Waste Disposal

It is illegal to put electronic waste in public landfills. Pineywoods Computer legally and safely disposes of and recycles many types of electronics:

Currently Pineywoods Computer is accepting the following:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Hard Drives (all data is wiped or destroyed)>
  • Monitors (No TVs)>
  • Printers
  • Peripherals (keyboards, Mice, etc.)
Recyclables can be dropped off during normal business hours in our shop downtown Nacogdoches.

Inside Nacogdoches Loop: $5.00 fee for first item (i.e printer, computer, monitor, box of cables, etc.) plus $3/each additional item. Outside loop add $0.25/mile from shop. Please pay driver in CASH.

hard drives are removed and data destroyed prior to recycling. A Certificate of Destruction is available for $5.00 upon request.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept TVs at this time. We are working on finding a way to dispose of televisions.

How Your Electronics Are Recycled   

We get asked "What happens to the electronics we bring in for recycling?" The cost for recycling electronics is high, which is why it's so hard to find anyone doing it!
Here's how we are able to provide this service free to our community:

  1. After erasing all the data on the device, anything that can be *refurbished* and reused, is cleaned up, reformatted, and set up like a new computer. Ideally, a totally recycled product is 100% reused.
  2. Devices deemed unworthy for refurbishing are evaluated for working parts that may still be used. Parts are removed and tested. Good parts are often listed and sold on eBay.
  3. Electronic parts not sold for reuse but have a decent amount of metals in them are separated boxed, and sold to eScrap buyers that extract the precious metals out and properly dispose of the rest. Our eScrap buyer is certified "landfill free".
  4. Parts like power supplies that don't pass testing and cases, broken screens, etc., that can't be sold for scrap or resold for use are boxed up and transported to an electronics recycler in Dallas.
Each step of this process costs money in labor and materials. The most expensive part is the separating of the parts for eScrap and shipping the unusable technology waste to Dallas (we found the least expensive way was to haul it ourselves in a covered trailer). The materials we are able to resell pretty much covers the costs of labor and shipping. It's not a "money maker" for us, but it does allow us to provide a much needed service to our community!

Data Destruction GUARANTEED!

Destroyed Hard Drive

All hard drives are recycled according to NIST 800-88 Data Destruction Standards (the 800-88 has replaced the older DoD 5220.22-M Standard).
A Certificate of Destruction is available for a small fee when requested.