Malware & Virus Removal

We fix turtle slow computers!

Malware & Virus Removal

Guaranteed to make your computer faster!

Malware / Spyware / Root-Kit / Virus Removal

Our proprietary 5-step system removes all malware/spyware/viruses/root-kits without damaging your valuable pictures, music, or other documents.

Malware / Spyware / Root-kit / Virus Prevention

This service includes confirming or updating the license for your installed Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware protection. If you don't have good endpoint protection, Pineywoods Computer has multiple solutions available.

System Tune-Up

Remove unneeded boot time programs (you can still manually start them when needed)
Professionally clean the Windows registry (prevents freezing up or the dreaded BSoD (blue screen of death)
Update all the device drivers (device drivers are the programs that allow devices plugged into the computer, printers, mice, microphones, etc., communicate with the computer.)
Check hard drive for errors
Perform hard drive maintenance