Diagnose Issue With Your Computer or Laptop   F R E E
Complete Computer / Laptop Repair (Includes Malware/Virus Removal)   $109.95
AVIRA (Malware Protection)   $49.99
Factory Restore Computer (Format / Reload)   $89.95
Replace / Repair Hard Drive (incl. copy data to new drive) (Desktop or Laptop) Labor only - Parts extra $89.95
Add / Replace Memory (RAM) (Desktop or Laptop) Labor only - Parts extra $59.95
Copy Data to External USB hard drive Labor only - Parts extra $89.95
Replace / Repair Laptop Keyboard Labor only - Keyboard extra $69.95
Replace / Repair Laptop Screen Labor only - Screen extra $89.95
Repair Laptop Power Jack (non-soldered ~ soldered jacks replace motherboard) Labor only - Jack extra $89.95
Replace /  Repair Laptop Motherboard Labor only - Motherboard extra $89.95
Replace Desktop Motherboard and/or CPU (includes Thermal Grease) Labor only - Board/CPU extra $89.95
Other Repair (Quoted prior to any work being done) Per Hour $85.00
On Site (Miliage is $0.40/mile 1 way from store) Per Hour  $95.00
Service Calls -Business

All service calls must be scheduled and are limited to businesses within 20 miles of store.
Non-scheduled emergency calls are reserved for contracted clients (See managed services page).
Non-contract business service calls are $95/hour plus $0.40/mile from shop

Service Calls - Personal

House service calls are limited to setup and/or network troubleshooting. Hourly Rate is $95 plus $0.40/mile (1 way)
If computer needs to be repaired it will be taken back to the shop for repairs. There is a $50 charge plus $0.40/mile for pickup/delivery.

Full Service Repair and Consulting

Pineywoods Computer in Nacogdoches does every sort of repair. I have been working with computers, laptops, tablets, servers, routers, switches and other equipment since I got the computer bug back in 1982. I was the kid in high school that the principle came and got when the new computer program the school just bought didn't work. Later, I earned an Associate's Degree in Electronics ~ Networking Specialty. Then I got industry certified by CompTIA (A+ - Computer Repair) and Cisco (CCENT - Network Technician). My main work experience came from working in a company with 10 satellite offices as the only IT guy for 10 years. ~ Danny Powell, Owner/Engineer


Complete Computer and Laptop Repair
Computer Security Consultating
Wifi Installation and Troubleshooting