Pineywoods Computer

Complete Business Managed IT Services

“Managed IT Services”: a proactive approach to business computer networks designed to achieve maximum up time and prevent problems. The main benefits are significantly less downtown and predictable IT costs compared to traditional "break/fix" where you wait until you have a problem and have your employees be unproductive while the system is repaired and you worry about the bill.

Managed Services

Every business is unique and a custom plan will be made for every client.
These are the basics that are included in all Managed Services agreements:

System Monitoring 24/7

Client relaxingAll equipment attached tot he computer network is monitored 24/7. Alerts are automatically sent to Pineywoods Computer whenever there is an event, often before anyone is even aware of an issue!

Disaster Recovery

Bank of hard drives storing your dataIf you came in one morning and your server was completely crashed, how long would it take to get to get back up and running and where is your data? Every agreement includes a "Disaster Recovery Plan" We over multiple solutions both on-site and cloud based. Regardless of the solution chosen, we will monitor and verify the integrity of your data so when that day happens it won't be a disaster!

Network Security / Endpoint Protection

Network SecurityBusinesses of all sizes are now the target of hackers and theives. Whether you are trying to protect thousands of patient records and complying with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) or securing your quick books database from prying eyes, Pineywoods Computer has the solution and experience to protect your electronic data. Network security includes not only antivirus/malware protection, but staff eduation about social engineering. Our comprehensive security audit will ensure your data is secure.

Weekly Maintenance

Weekly on-site maintenanceAll servers, workstations, laptops, and other network attached devices are maintained weekly via automation. Regular on-site visits by a qualified technician assure everything goes smoothly.

This is by no means an exhaustive comprehensive list. Prior to proposing a new agreement, an extensive needs assessment will be conducted with a network specialist. Additional services will be added to each agreement as needed.