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managed IT business services

Pineywoods Computer offers Managed IT Services for companies that need an IT department but don’t have the budget for full time staff.  Included is automated maintenance and monitoring of all your workstations and servers; malware and virus protection; and disaster recovery planning.  

We offer 3 levels of Managed Services
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Preventative Maintenance
End-point Security, Disaster Recovery Planning and Basic monitoring and maintenance.
Perfect for businesses that average less than 2 hours per month of service calls.

Basic Managed Services
Includes everything in Preventative Maintenance plus adds weekly on-site
non-emergency calls to do maintenance and anything else IT related.
Up to 2 hours of Emergency calls per month are included and
remote assistance is included in this plan.
Most companies will benefit the most from this plan.

All-Inclusive Plan
Includes everything your business may require from an IT perspective, including extended
warranties on all your equipment and replacement when it becomes obsolete.

NOTE: Break/Fix Standard Rates are available HERE 

Avira Small Business Security Suite


Businesses of all sizes are now the target of hackers and theives. Whether you are trying to protect thousands of patient records and complying with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) or securing your quick books database from prying eyes, Pineywoods Computer has the solution and experience to protect your electronic data. Pineywoods Computer is a Smart Partner with Avira. The Avira Small Business Security Suite allows you to protect your endpoints and email communications with a single, award-winning antivirus and antispam package.

Independant Testing Awards Avira

Carbonite Cloud Storage Solution


Used to be that only 2 things in life were certain, death and taxes. However, with all the technology we depend upon today, you have to add hard drive failure. It's not a matter of if but rather a matter of when. If you came in Monday morning and found your server completely crashed, would you know where your data is and how quickly you could have it back up and usable? Part of every managed services agreement with Pineywoods Computer includes backup and disaster recovery planning.  Pineywoods Computer is a Silver Partner with Carbonite.
Computer Repair


Pineywoods Computer technicians have repaired literally thousands of desktops and laptops over the years. Senior technician Danny Powell is CompTIA A+ce certified.  A+ce is the industry standard for PC repair.
All computers serviced are cleaned with a special "computer vacuum". A regular vacuum creates static electricity that can damage your equipment. Dust is the number 1 cause of physical damage to workstations (followed by liquids spilled...)
Wireless Network Services Logo


Wireless Networking is more important now than ever with so many smart phones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices. Our expertise in WiFi technology allows us to properly plan your network to get maximum coverage and to separate your company network from your public network.
Networking Picture


How well your devices communicate with each other depends on the structure of your network. Pineywoods Computer brings over a decade of network engineering to your business. From 5 workstations connecting to a cloud provider to having 10 campuses in 10 cities and hosting your own servers design is something that can significantly impact workflow and productivity. In addition to productivity, proper network design keeps prying eyes out of things they should not see!

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